Introduction to the Center for URC

1. Background
The University Requirement Courses (URC) constitute the main and most important characteristics of International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC) as they are playing a vital role in distinguishing IIUC from a traditional university. These courses are equally compulsory for all students of the university regardless of discipline, faculty, race and religion. The students are required to take 11 to 13 credit hours in URC in total to graduate from the University. Language, Islamic Studies and History form the basis of these courses.From the very beginning of IIUC, the University Requirement Courses were considered as an integral part of graduation requirements for all. As per a proposal, initiated by Professor Dr. Abu Bakr Rafique, The Pro Vice-Chancellor of IIUC, the Academic Council of IIUC in its 14th meeting held on 10th November 2003 formulated a proposal of establishing a center with the title Center for General Education (CGED) and recommended to the Syndicate. The 62nd meeting of the Syndicate (held on 15th November 2003) finally took the decision for establishing Center for General Education (CGED) for conducting the university requirement courses smoothly.

2. Aims and Objectives
The aims and objectives of the Center are as follows:

  • To develop the courses and curricula of the University Requirement Courses (URC) and syllabi thereof keeping pace with needs of the day from time to time.
  • To ensure quality education of the University Requirement Courses through continuous supervision of the performance of the teachers of CGED.
  • To promote and provide facilities for Islamization of Knowledge and ensure conducive environment at IIUC.
  • To undertake research projects in co-operation with public or private organizations as and when necessary under mutual agreement.
  • To popularize the Program of Islamization of Knowledge in and outside the University through Seminars, Conferences and Publication; and
  • To conduct such other activities as may facilitate attainment of the objectives of the CGED.

3. Jurisdiction of the Center
All the URC related activities of all departments and faculties are under the central administration of the Center for General Education (CGED).

4. Various committees of CGED according to the decisions of the 24th Meeting of Academic Council of IIUC* Academic Committee
A. There shall be an Academic Committee of the CGED consisting of-
(a) The Director of the Center Chairman
(b) All teachers of the Center Members
B. The Academic Committee shall prepare courses of study and syllabi, prepare proposals for Islamization of knowledge to be considered in the Academic Council and shall recommend the rules and regulations for the examination.
C. The Director of the CGED shall convene a meeting of the Committee al least once a month during the period of each semester.* Committee of Courses & Studies :
1 Director Chairman
2 All Professors & Associate Professors Members
3 Two Assistant Professors (According to seniority) Members
4 Two External Experts from other Universities Members

5. Examination Committee:
1 Director Chairman
2 All Professors & Associate Professors Members
3 Two Assistant Professors (According to seniority) Members
4 Two External Experts from other Universities Members

6. Planning & Development Committee:
1 Director Chairman
2 All Professors Members
3 All Associate Professors Members
4 Two Assistant Professors (According to seniority) Members

7. Director/ Chairman:
The CGED shall have a full time Director/Chairman with the status of a Professor or Associate Professor. He is the chief executive of the Center responsible for all academic and administrative activities of the Center.In the absence of a Professor or Associate Professor the senior most member of the Center may act as Director-in-Charge. The rank and the status of the Director of the Center is equal to the status of the Head of the Departments of IIUC and he will enjoy the similar financial and other benefits.

8. Teachers:
The Center shall have an adequate number of teachers of all categories for all courses. All teachers will be appointed by the Syndicate through a Selection Committee duly approved by the Syndicate.

All teachers of the Center will be guided by the IIUC’s Service and Efficiency Rules made by the competent authority from time to time.