Information Technology Division

Mr. Md. Ziaur Rahman
B.Sc in CSE [IIUC], M.Sc in CSE, Pursuing Ph.D. [CUET]
Assistant Professor (CSE), Director (in-charge)
Information Technology Division
Mobile: 01811812113,

Dr. Md. Shamimul Haque Choudhury
B.Sc. Engg. (EEE)[BUET], M.Sc. Engg. (EEE) [BUET], Ph.D. in Organic-inorganic Solar Cells [Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan]
Associate Professor, EEE & Chairman, ITDMC
Mobile: 01798023252,

List of Employees of ITD

Network Section

Engr. Faisal Ahamed
Network Administrator
Information Technology Division
Tel:IIUC IP Tel: +8809613230505, Ext: 3000
Mobile: 01832251669

Engr. Reazuddin Ahmed
Assistant System Administrator
Information Technology Division
Tel:IIUC IP Tel: +8809613230505, Ext: 3001
Mobile: 0191-5558635

Mr. Md. Jafurul Hoque
IT Officer
Information Technology Division
Tel:IIUC IP Tel: +8809613230505, Ext: 3004
Mobile: 01814-130112

Engr. Md. Akramul Haque
Assistant System Engineer
Information Technology Division
Tel:IIUC IP Tel: +8809613230505, 3005
Mobile: 01711-196626

Software Section

Engr. Md. Mahi Uddin
Asst. System Analyst
Information Technology Division
Tel:IIUC IP Tel: +8809613230505, IP PABX: 3002
Mobile: 01832223310

Md. Yusuf Khalil
Assistant Programmer
Information Technology Division
Tel:IIUC IP Tel: +8809613230505, IP Ext. 1993
Mobile: 01978-940121

Emtiasur Rahman
Sub Assistant Programmer
Information Technology Division
Mobile: 01751178257

Adib Ahmed
Sub Assistant Programmer
Information Technology Division
Mobile: 01887687069

Md. Rabiul Islam
Lab Technician
Information Technology Division
Tel:IIUC IP Tel: +8809613230505, IP Ext. 3012
Mobile: 01915-424334

Office and Logistics

Mohammad Nazrul Islam
Sub-Assistant IT Officer
Information Technology Division
Tel:IIUC IIUC IP Tel: +8809613230505
Mobile: 01762656133

Hardware Section

Engr. Farman Sikder
Sub Asst. System Support Engineer
Information Technology Division
Tel:+8802334461900-7, Ext: 321
Mobile: 01819853452

Faruque Imam Babu
Computer Technician
Information Technology Division
Tel:+8802334461900-7, Ext: 321
Mobile: 01911119172

Support & CCTV Section

Md. Askander
Information Technology Division
Mobile: 01819855204

Md. Sawkat Ali
Information Technology Division
Mobile: 01815662619

Md. Zamal Hossain
Information Technology Division
Mobile: 01735173457

PABX Section

Md. Salah Uddin
Telephone Operator
Information Technology Division
Tel:IIUC +8802334461900-7, Ext: 0 and 300
Mobile: 01819332926

Mohammad Anwar Hossain
Telephone Attendant
Information Technology Division
Tel:+8802334461900-7, Ext: 0 and 300
Mobile: 01817760161

IIUC established an Information Technology Division (ITD) as per resolution of 124th Syndicate meeting held on 14th July 2008. It has a Management Committee named ITD Management Committee (ITDMC) headed by the Dean, Faculty of Science & Engineering. The mission of ITD is to support the primary institutional missions of teaching & research at IIUC. ITD provides the Software and Network management system of IIUC which includes website development & updating, E-mail facilities, E-journal facility & Software requirements for different departments & divisions. IIUC is implementing Total Office Automation (in the name ‘Integrated University Management System’) which is being maintained by ITD. The use of the ITD with all its sections shall be subject to rules made by the Syndicate from time to time.

To make IIUC a digital hub it maintains a backbone network connected via Optical fiber which facilitates Intranet and Internet connectivity to all the faculties, staffs, and students. The students have the option to use laboratories in the departments, which are equipped with high-speed internet connectivity for 24 hours. Besides, the whole campus is covered with Wi-Fi facilities i.e. labs, libraries, classrooms, administrative office, departmental office, conference rooms, auditorium, cafeteria, and students Halls etc. Around 115 wireless access points have been installed throughout the campus to support about 10000 Concurrent connections.

There are around 1200+ computers, laptops and notebooks distributed across various laboratories, classrooms, academic and administrative offices with high-speed internet access. IIUC has central automation system software. There are 14 (fourteen) computer Labs in the Faculty of Science and Engineering and 10 (ten) Laboratories in the other Faculties of IIUC. In the laboratories, there are around 1000 computers connected with high-speed internet connectivity. IIUC Central library also has a good computer room, where about 50 computers are connected to high-speed internet connectivity.

Every student in IIUC has access to the high-speed internet from the campus. To meet the booming demand for Internet service, IIUC has managed an uninterrupted dedicated bandwidth of about 2.1 Gbps available twenty-four hours for Internet access to Academic, Administrative buildings and Halls on the campus. Internet connectivity to IIUC is provided from four different ISPs. To maintain network redundancy, it has a secondary network connection via a high-speed radio link. IIUC is now maintaining redundancy for Internet service which ensures zero down time in access to information. Besides, it has established a modern Data Center which is also a pioneering step among the private universities. For daily communication IIUC has facilitated a secure private email service for all faculties and staff. IIUC has a resourceful website ( for its user. Visiting the Websites, the students can have access to all relevant information regarding registration, payment, academic performance, and other academic information. IIUC has developed and implemented customized software modules for Online Student Admission, Registration, Result Processing & Publication, Student Accounts Management, Library Management, and a total of 16 modules under an Automation Project.

There are two computer laboratories in the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department. In these labs, there are about 70 computers for students to access the internet in class/lab time. The Information Technology Division (ITD), IIUC is providing state-of-the-art IT services for Academic and Administrative purposes with modern approaches and technologies. Exclusive support areas are covered by several technological sections to fulfill the demand of IT users especially the faculty members, administrative executives, researchers, and students.

IT Services Details
Internet for Student, Teacher, Academic &Administrative employees
  • Connectivity with ISP - Optical Fiber and Radio link connection with adequate redundancy
  • Bandwidth: Total 2.1 GBPS
  • ISPs: BTCL, BBTS, Amra Network & Chittagong Online Ltd (COL).
  • Campus Network: Optical Fiber backbone for LAN and Central Wi-Fi system with RADIUS authentication
  • Wi-Fi Access Point: 115
Student Management Software for
-Existing Student
-Prospective Student
- Academic & Administrative staffs
  • It is a complete solution for student information management that covers, every functional activity of a Students Admission to graduation & Certificate Delivery. Functions like Online Admission, Readmission, Course & Syllabus Management, Section Management, Course Offer, Course Registration, Student Advising, Student Tuition Fees and Charges Account, Online Marks Input, Result Processing & Publication, Academic and Administrative Circulations, Academic Audit through CBE, Certificate Clearance & Delivery, Submit various Applications online, Survey Data Collection for IQAC
  • Total Students in Database :78650
  • Current Student: 15036
  • Graduated: 47228
Dated : March 2024
IIUC Websites
  • IT division develop and maintain central websites ( along with all other public face websites for various events (conference, convocation, national events like science Olympiad etc.) time to time.
Library (KOHA)
  • IIUC has implemented world-known open-source library management software named KOHA. Teachers, Registered Students, Academic & Administrative staff use this online platform to access the library resources at IIUC.
E-Resources Subscription
  • The IIUC Central Library subscribes e-Journals, e-books through UGC Digital Library (UDL) and Library Consortium of Bangladesh (LiCoB). It also has subscriptions for e-Magazines through Bangladesh INASP-PERI-Consortium (BIPC) and e-Thesis subscriptions on national and international platform.
    Students, faculty members and other patrons can access and download all those resources through any PC and Wi-Fi Zone within the campuses of IIUC. The library provides remote access facility for subscribed e-resources through MyAthens.
Biometric Attendance System
  • Biometric Attendance devices has been established and Online Human Resource Management system has been implemented for Academic and Administrative personnel.
Back-Office Software
  • Tally ERP has been implemented for accounting, and Inventory.
  • Payroll & PF maintained through bespoke software.
CCTV Surveillance System
  • IIUC has centrally managed CCTV surveillance for the whole campus with 200+ camera.
IP Phone
  • IIUC has provided its employees with centrally managed IP phones in replacement of traditional analogue phones.
E-Mail Services
  • IIUC has managed Google’s G-Suite by which every Teacher and Student is facilitated with an institutional email to use for academic purposes.
Hardware and Multimedia Support
  • The IT Division looks after all the IT-related equipment (e.g. Computers, printers, network devices, scanners, multimedia projectors etc.) of the University.
  • Also provide technical support for multimedia presentation services of various national and international programs/conferences seminars.

IIUC has multiple high end Server Computer centrally installed in a well-equipped Datacenter at Kumira campus. All software is stored centrally in the Datacenter and secure access to that software is managed through the following client portal.
-Admin Portal (use by administrative user of the Software)
-Teacher Portal (use by Teacher)
-Student Portal (Student Access)
-HR Portal (All Employee)
-Library OPAC(KOHA)- for Student, Teacher, Departmental and Administrative employee
-Client for Bespoke Software at Back-Office
-Subscription Websites Login maintained by Library (Access for Teacher & Student)
Every student device is connected to the Datacenter for information access and more than 1200 PC and numerous portable devices on IIUC network connected to use the Software