Professor Humayun Kabir

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Humayun Kabir

International Islamic University Chittagong
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Since its inception in 1995, the avowed principle of the IIUC is to bring about an Islamic Renaissance by inculcating the pristine principle of Islam on the minds of students. It aims at revivification of the pursuit of science, both physical and social, together with the pursuit of Islamic theological lore with a view to uplifting moral, intellectual and natural aspects of life of the humankind. With this holistic approach to life, the IIUC has designed its curriculum in order to promote overall standing of the people in emulation with the glorious past of Muslim savants, sages and scientists. The imperatives of quality, performance and excellence, both at graduate and post graduate level study are the main focus of this nascent Alma mater. Its various disciplines have been arranged in accordance with the priorities of time. For its inner dynamics, it has given foremost priority to advancement of hand, heart, head and soul. In this sense, it is a unique university. Its pragmatic academic disciplines are paying dividend. Its research works are poised to usher in new knowledge in the realm of learning.